Give a Child Hope Today!

Help children in the community connect with an adult mentor.

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Help children in the community connect with an adult mentor.

The Impact

"I’ve been mentoring for about two years and would like to share about one of the recent success stories I’ve had with my mentee. My mentee recently entered her senior year of high school and didn’t have any plans for what she would do after graduating. Everyone at school was talking about what their plans were and she was feeling stressed that she didn’t have a plan. We then began having discussions about possible options at our weekly meetings. We discussed careers she may like to do and the steps it would take to get there. Some of the careers required college, while others could be achieved by other means, such as the military. My mentee expressed she didn’t think she wanted to go to college, but I did encourage her to at least apply now so she had the option available to her later if she changed her mind. I also shared with her that financial aid is available to help pay for college and that she could apply for that as well. Another option she was interested in was joining the military. We discussed the necessary steps that need to be taken to join and the various written and physical tests that would need to be taken. As part of the mentoring process, I would challenge her to meet new incremental goals each week to get closer to achieving her career goals. 

I’m happy to say, that after months of discussions, my mentee has chosen to follow the military career path. She contacted a local recruiter who helped her complete all the necessary paperwork. She also took the military entrance exam (ASVAB) and scored high enough for her to choose a variety of career paths. As an extra bonus I’ve noticed she has more motivation to focus on school and complete all her assignments, which has resulted in her achieving higher grades than in the previous year. This is a prime example that shows how much mentoring can benefit a young individual by providing them with clarity, guidance and goal setting." -Mentor

Not sure how much to donate? Here is a menu of services you can use for ideas:

  • 1 year of one on one mentoring, monitoring and support for a youth in Kittitas County: $2000
  • 1 open house activity (trivia nights, board games, art projects etc.) for Youth in Kittitas County: $100
  • 1 day, Team building experience at Lazy F Camp for 1 mentoring match (1Mentee&1 Mentor): $70
  • 6 Summer session art classes (credit retrieval available) for a youth in Kittitas County: $50
  • Background check for 1 Mentor: $50